Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and conditions of sale

Madrid Discovery offers you to create your own private experience in the city of Madrid according to your desires and puts at your disposal to inspire you different experiences in order to help you make the best choice (museums, palaces, stadiums, gastronomic visits…). You can find these inspirations on the Madrid Discovery website as well as on the various communication supports (Facebook, Instagram,).

To get more information about the experiences we offer, we invite you to submit a request, (1) either from our website, by accessing the contact section, (2) or by contacting us by phone, (3) or via our contact email.

Generally within less than 12 hours, we will propose to you, from the expression of your desires, via email with a validity period́ your travel program and its firm and definitive price, all fees, taxes and services included, except for possible minor adjustments in the services.

Once you wish to confirm your experience, within its validity period, Madrid Discovery will send you an email formalizing the experience.

As soon as you have confirmed́ your final agreement on your experience, we will proceed to the booking of it with our different partners. Indeed, tailor-made experiences imply to permanently adjust the services that are purchased according to the wishes of our customers. Also, we don’t have the stock of all the experiences to be able to answer to ultra personalized requests, in the case of an ultra personalized request, the delay of answer could be 24 hours.

1 - Terms of payment - invoices

1.1 For experiences booked more than 31 days (1 month) prior to departure, a deposit of 30% of the total cost of the trip (hereinafter, the “Deposit”) will be collected by Madrid Discovery. For all experiences booked less than 31 days before the departure date, the payment must be made at once and for the total price of the trip.

1.2. You can pay the price of your experience (deposit then balance of the price for a reservation more than 31 days before the departure date or total price for any registration less than 31 days before the departure date) : on the Website, by credit card, or via the payment link that you will find in the confirmation email if you book by email

1.3. For any payment that is validated and collected by Madrid Discovery, a receipt will be provided and an invoice will be sent to the person who made the payment.

In case of registration more than 31 days before the departure date of the trip, the balance of the trip price must be paid, without any reminder from Madrid Discovery, at the latest 31 days before the departure date. Any delay in the payment of the balance will be considered as a cancellation by you for which the cancellation fees mentioned in article 4 below will be applied

2 - Information about the reserved experience

2.1 – Administrative and sanitary formalities to return to Spain

Before contacting us to book your experience, you must verify that each traveler, depending on his personal situation and nationality, is in possession of a valid passport or national identity card (CNI) that will be used to carry out the planned trip as well as any other document(s) (visa / ESTA authorization, family record book, authorization to leave the territory…) necessary and in compliance with the requirements for transit and/or entry into the country (ies) of the trip.

2.2 – Information on safety and health risks

For the formalities and information required by Spain to travel, Madrid Discovery advises you to consult the country sheet(s) concerning Spain.

Health risks: We invite you to regularly consult the information issued by the competent authorities on the health risks of the country/countries of your trip and to follow the recommendations and health measures to fight against these accessible risks.

2.3 – Accessibility

Our ultra personalized experiences allow us to consider services adapted to your personal situation, in particular if you have constraints to move. When expressing your travel plans, we invite you to inform us of any restrictions and/or particularities for each traveler to enable us to offer you adapted and accessible services in case of reduced mobility.

3 - Modification of the reservation

After booking your experience, any changes to the name(s) of the traveler(s) may result in additional charges and/or penalties, the amount of which must be paid by the traveler(s) to Madrid Discovery by any means before departure. In the absence of payment, Madrid Discovery will not be obliged to make the desired changes.

4 - Cancellations

If the traveler(s) registered on the trip are obliged to cancel their participation in the trip, they must inform Madrid Discovery by any written means allowing for an acknowledgement of receipt, as soon as the event giving rise to the cancellation occurs: the date of issue of the written document will be taken as the date of cancellation for the invoicing of the cancellation fees.

Depending on the experiences planned for your trip and in order to take into account the constraints imposed by our service providers, in the event of cancellation by you before departure, we may apply either (1) cancellation fees based on our actual costs justified at the date of your cancellation, or (2) the cancellation fee schedule specified in 4.1 and 4.2 below. Unless otherwise specified, the fee schedule set forth in 4.1 and 4.2 below will apply.

4.1 – Scale of fees for total cancellation

More than 48 hours before your experience: 0% refund fee
Less than 48 hours before your experience: Your experience will not be refunded.
If you are a group of more than 10 people: more than 72 hours before your experience: 0% refund, if less than 72 hours: Your experience will not be refunded.

4.2 – Partial cancellation fees

If one or more travelers registered on the same trip cancel(s) their participation in a trip maintained for the other participants:
– For personal services (not shared): the above cancellation fees (4.1) will be calculated for the traveler(s) who cancels on the price of the services (airline tickets…) not consumed on the trip at the date of cancellation,

5 - Responsibility

Madrid Discovery will not be held responsible for the consequences of the following events

Loss or theft of documents and goods by the traveler(s).
Failure to present to the authorities and/or carriers (airlines…) the administrative and/or sanitary documents required to undertake the experience and/or enter the country(ies) of the trip and/or cross the borders, in accordance with the information provided by Madrid Discovery.
Arrival after the scheduled time of the experience
Unforeseeable or unavoidable events of a third party such as: wars, political unrest, strikes outside Madrid Discovery, riots outside Madrid Discovery, technical or administrative incidents outside Madrid Discovery, airspace congestion, bad weather, delays (including mail forwarding services), breakdowns, loss or theft of luggage or other personal belongings of travelers.
Cancellation imposed by exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, and/or for reasons related to the maintenance of the safety of the travelers, and/or injunction of an administrative authority: in this case, Madrid Discovery reserves the right to modify the dates, schedules or itineraries planned if it deems that the safety of the travelers is at stake, without recourse of the latter.

6 - Complaints

We invite you to contact Madrid Discovery if you notice any non-conformity in the performance of the services, by dialing our number, whose coordinates will be communicated to you on the documents given by Madrid Discovery. In the event of a complaint, your failure to report any non-conformity in the provision of services during your trip will be taken into account, if necessary, as it could have financial consequences.

Last updated: May 2, 2018