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Stay in Madrid – weekend trip to Madrid

In order to help you prepare your stay in Madrid, we have put together a complete guide to the city.

Find out how to easily get to the capital, where to stay and the must-see places to visit. We also give you some tips on how to enjoy the typical food of the country.

Presentation of the Capital

Before introducing you to the city’s must-see attractions, it is imperative that you get an in-depth introduction to the Spanish capital for a successful stay in Madrid.

As mentioned before, Madrid is the capital of Spain, located in the heart of the country in the autonomous community of Madrid and has a population of over 6.6 million people.

A city increasingly appreciated by tourists from all over the world, it is known for illustrating the culture and history of Spain. The language spoken here is Spanish and the currency is the Euro.

Madrid is one of the European cities suitable for weekend breaks and short stays of 4 days or less. There are many hotels in Madrid that offer low rates for this type of stay, below in the article you will find different types of establishments ranging from cheap Madrid hotels to the city’s palaces.

Many of you ask us: What to do in Madrid during a 4-day stay? How many days to visit Madrid?

For more details about things to do and see in the capital don’t hesitate to take a tour on our blog and especially on our guide “visiting Madrid“. You will also find an article about hotels in the city and restaurants in Madrid so that you can prepare your stay in Madrid.

Do they speak English in Madrid?

You may be wondering: is Spanish the only language spoken in Madrid?

Sorry to disappoint you but the answer is yes! Even if the locals and shopkeepers are used to welcoming English tourists, in Madrid nobody speaks English for all that.

But don’t worry, Spanish remains a language easy to understand. If you wish to visit the museums and the city, we advise you to hire an English-speaking guide for more comfort during your stay in Madrid.

The hotel staff speaks several languages and will answer your questions.

Where to stay in Madrid for a weekend / stay in Madrid

Practical information for your stay in Madrid

In order to best prepare yourself for your stay in Madrid it is important to understand the daily life of the people of Madrid and their different habits from those of its European neighbours.

Here we will give you some practical information before your departure so that you will not be surprised during your stay in Madrid.

Many Spaniards take a nap in the early afternoon, which can be surprising since shops are closed at this time of day, but this is not the case in the capital.

Indeed, this habit is especially adopted in the southern regions of Spain where the temperatures between noon and 4pm are unbearable!

Spain has no time difference with some countries in Europe, so no jet lag is guaranteed if you travel from a country that has the same time!

If you travel from USA then you will have a time difference from +6h to + 9h. The jet lag can be difficult to fight so we suggest you to take a rest to your hôtel before starting to visit the city.

If you travel from Asia and Australia the you will have a time difference from – 6h to – 9h.

You will also need adapters since the plugs are European type.

Other essential information: the country code is +34.

I was telling you about the translators earlier to facilitate communication, but without Internet, no translator!

Rest assured that Spain is a country very well equipped in terms of mobile phone network with operators such as Orange, O2 or Vodafone. You can find a pre paid sim for cheap at the airport or in the shops of the city, it will be very usefull during your stay in Madrid. We wrote an article about the prepaid sim card to travel in Spain. Do not hesitate to check it on our blog.

In addition, many free Wi-Fi networks are available in the city, ideal for a cheap stay in Spain without any extra charge.

We recommend here some very practical clothes which will be indispensable during your stay in Madrid. First of all, even if the city has a good public transport network, take good walking shoes with you, also think about taking a hat or a cap especially in summer with of course your best pair of sunglasses.

If you are travelling during the sales then you will have the opportunity to shop and take advantage of very interesting prices. We therefore advise you not to overload your suitcase and take advantage of your stay in Madrid to do some shopping.

Make sure you bring comfortable clothes so that you are comfortable during your visits, but don’t neglect elegant outfits for going out in the evenings to restaurants. Ladies always bring a pair of high heels with you and your best summer dresses.

Also consider a swimsuit if you feel like taking a dip in one of the pools offered by the city’s rooftops.

If you’re interested, check out our Madrid rooftops guide to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the trendy spots during your stay in Madrid.

Finally, don’t skimp on sunscreen!

séjour Madrid soleil

Short stay in Madrid

The cost of living in Spain, how to prepare your stay in Madrid

The cost of living in Spain is much lower than in other European countries, but of course the amount of money you spend on your trip depends on your desires and the type of travel you choose, whether it is economical or luxurious.

The price of a night in the capital can vary between 20€ and up to 250€ (22 US$ to 280 US$)

The food is generally much cheaper than in other European countires as far as tapas or beers are concerned, but of course the amount can quickly increase if you want a dish from a typical and reputable restaurant or if you want to dine in a gastronomic restaurant, with prices reaching 250€ (280 US$) per menu. The city’s markets are a good way to eat local and cheap.

Public transport is also much cheaper with a metro ticket at 1.50€ (1,68 US$) and a train ticket for a long journey of 1h40 starting at 5€ (5,61 US$).

Clothes are also much cheaper, which is a good bargain at Zara’s for example.

Sightseeing activities such as private visits to the Prado, the Reina Sofia or the Royal Palace have a price, however visiting a historical monument with a private guide in a confidential way is one of the best activities to do during your stay in Madrid.

What’s the climate like in Madrid?

In Madrid, the climate is mild in spring but the heat is felt from July onwards and becomes extremely intense in August and then becomes very pleasant again at the beginning of September.

Note that it rarely rains more than two days which will make your stay in Madrid very pleasant.

Winters are cold and dry, so it is very rare to find snow.

soleil madrid visite

stay Madrid – climate

When to organize a stay in Madrid?

You’re probably wondering when to go to Madrid? Which season is best? Here is some information that will help you plan a successful stay in Madrid.

In the capital, the tourist season usually starts in early March to admire the flowers blooming in spring, especially in the Quinta de los Molinos park with its famous almond trees and Retiro park with its flowering rose bushes.

The tourist activity continues until November when the temperatures are still very appreciable!

The months of July and August are very hot but allow you to enjoy long evenings outdoors. However, these two months are quieter and it is during this period that people from Madrid go on holiday, so it is less crowded.

If you are planning to stay in Madrid for a few days or a weekend then the ideal time would be between March and June and then September and November.

This is when you will have the perfect time to visit Madrid.

How to get to Madrid?

There are various ways to get to Spain during a stay in Madrid. Some are cheaper and some are more expensive like flying but go much faster and will save you valuable time on your holiday.

Do not hesitate to make a price comparison when preparing your stay in Madrid to enjoy a cheap stay in Spain.

The easiest way to get to Spain is by plane, this will allow you to get to Spain from any country in the world in record time.

How to get from the airport to the city centre during your stay in Madrid.

Madrid Airport or its full name Adolfo Suarez de Madrid-Barajas is located in the north of the city about 20km from downtown Madrid.

It can be reached by taxi, bus, metro or train. It has 4 terminals, if you would like a complete article about Madrid airport please feel free to visit our blog.

The first option is the taxi, it is the most expensive, but the most convenient and costs around 30 euros. If there are several of you then this is the most economical option. If you want to get to your hotel quickly then we advise you to take a taxi. The duration varies according to the traffic but never exceeds 50 minutes.

Dedicated bus lines have been set up for airport-city centre and return journeys. The bus runs every day, at any time of the day and drops you off at Atocha or Cibeles train stations.

If you have booked a hotel near these stations for your stay in Madrid then this is a very good option.

The journey can be made in 35 minutes and will cost you 5 euros.

The metro line that serves Madrid airport is line 8, the journey takes approximately 25 minutes to get to the city centre of Madrid and a ticket is displayed at 5 € (5,61 US$).

It is important to have a good location of your hotel in Madrid before taking the metro as it is possible to make several changes to arrive at your hotel with your suitcases.

If you plan to take the metro again during your stay, you can also buy books of 10 tickets. If you plan to travel around Madrid during your stay, then we recommend that you take the day or week pass to get unlimited access to the metro.

The train also connects the airport and the city with line C1 which is accessible from terminal 4 of the airport, the journey takes 27 minutes on average and costs 2.6 € ( 2,92 US$) one way. It is therefore not advisable to take the train if you are not in terminal 4.

How to get around during your stay in Madrid?

Madrid is a city very well equipped in terms of public transport. The metro is a convenient, cheap and fast way to get around during your stay in Madrid. Indeed, the city has 12 lines that run from 6am to 1am.

Then there are the bus lines, of which there are many, which serve even the most remote suburbs of Madrid.

You can also choose to get around without polluting, on one of the many electric bikes available for rent and easily spotted thanks to a mobile application!


As in any large city, it is not advisable to travel by car, and even less so during rush hours.

As for the train, Madrid has 2 train stations: Chamartin station and the largest, Atocha station. These allow you to travel throughout the country to Barcelona, Zaragoza or Bilbao but also to visit the surrounding cities such as Toledo and Segovia with the trains called Cercanias.


metro de Madrid

stay Madrid – Madrid metro

Safety in the city during your stay in Madrid

As in any big city, thieves and pickpockets are well present but Madrid is a very safe city.

However, their main target is obviously tourist groups as they often don’t know which places to avoid and which ones to favour.

In order for you to travel safely and have the best possible stay in Madrid, here are some places to avoid in the city and those you should be wary of.

Firstly, there are no fake police in Madrid.

Secondly, be on your guard in the metro and especially on line 8 that leads to the airport. Indeed, pickpockets are very common there as tourists are crowded and cluttered with luggage.

Finally, you are probably wondering which district to avoid in Madrid? The city centre during the day is a very safe place. The Lavapiés neighborhood, known for its traffic and other activities that are not very glorious and should be avoided late at night.

Apart from that the whole of Madrid is very well guarded by the police as well as the civil guarda, you will be able to go out without any problem and enjoy your stay in Madrid to the fullest.

Where to stay for a weekend in Madrid?

Madrid is full of hotels that allow you to stay in the city centre, to be close to everything!

Here we are going to advise you several hotels, for all budgets, to help you know where to stay during your stay in Madrid. To get the best rates and organize a cheap trip to Spain we advise you to visit where you will find the best hostels in Madrid, youth hostels in Madrid, hotel on the Gran Via or palaces in the city.

Cheap hotels for your stay in Madrid

The Hat, hostel

This hotel is more like a youth hostel located not far from the Plaza Mayor and offers a wide selection of rooms ranging from private rooms with their own bathroom to places in mixed dormitories.

It is the ideal place to spend a stay in Madrid and meet travellers from all over the world.

It is very well located and will allow you to get out and make the most of Madrid’s nightlife.

The establishment also has a rooftop with a bar that offers delicious cocktails. A night in a dormitory in the middle of August will cost you 21 € (23 US$) and 25 € (28 US$) if you wish to include breakfast. This is one of the cheap hotels/hotels in Madrid that we recommend most of the time for an economic stay in Madrid.


Hostel Gala Madrid

This hostel offers low cost private rooms fully equipped with internet connection and television, very practical for a successful stay in Madrid.

The standard of this hostel is higher than most and offers private rooms for more comfort.

Its central location allows you to have easy access on foot to emblematic places of the city such as the Royal Palace. One night in August in a double room will cost you around 45€ (50 US$)

Hostel JQ Madrid

The JQ Madrid Hotel is very well located in the city and has rooms equipped with WI-FI, TV and air conditioning, a must in the city in July-August. This will make your stay in Madrid more than pleasant!

Situated not far from the Paseo del Prado this hotel is very well classified. The three most emblematic museums are easily accessible on foot. A night in August in a triple room costs about 39 € (43 US$).


Adeco Madrid

This hostel is located near the Chueca LGBT area of the city. You will find many restaurants in the Chueca area close to this hostel.

Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, free internet access, TV and some have en suite bathrooms.

A night in a double room with private bathroom costs 30 € (33 US$) in the middle of August.

Hostel Patria Madrid

The rooms of this hostel are fully equipped with WI-FI, TV, air conditioning and heating. This hostel is one of the best in the city and will provide you with the comfort you need to enjoy your stay in Madrid in very good conditions.

There are also rooms with private bathroom. A night in a double room in August will cost you around 30€ (33 US$).

This establishment, due to its central location, allows you to have all kinds of amenities nearby, including restaurants, shops and bars!


Mid-range hotels for your stay in Madrid

Room mate Oscar Madrid

Room mate Oscar Madrid is located near the Gran Via and the Chueca district, making it a popular place for its central location, but also very popular with the LGBT community who come to visit the city.

Very well located it is the ideal hotel to go out in the Chueca district and enjoy your stay in Madrid.

The rooms are all fully equipped with air conditioning, high-speed WI-FI access, minibar and each one has its own bathroom.

Every morning you can enjoy a buffet breakfast and in the evening you can go to the rooftop bar on the top floor to enjoy delicious cocktails with a great view of Madrid.

A night in a double room in August with breakfast included will cost you around 115 € (130 US $). If you prefer to sleep in a different area during your stay in Madrid you will have the possibility to sleep in another room mate, the hotel has several hotels in the area.


Novotel Madrid City las Ventas

This hotel is a little further out of town but is easily accessible as it is well served by metro and bus lines and is located between Madrid Airport and Madrid city centre.

The hotel has a restaurant offering typical Spanish dishes, a bar and a swimming pool, perfect for relaxing after a day of sightseeing!

One night in a superior room with queen size bed and a sofa bed perfect for children will cost you 119€ (133 US$), breakfast included!

Eurostars plaza Mayor for a unique stay in Madrid

This hotel is located right next to the famous Plaza Mayor, allowing you to be close to many restaurants and bars.

This establishment also has a bar and a great breakfast to enjoy on the 7th floor with a great view of Madrid. This is the ideal hotel for a unique and authentic stay in Madrid.

A night with breakfast will cost you around 115€ (130 US$).

Vincci Capitol

You couldn’t be more centrally located in the heart of the city with this hotel on Madrid’s famous Gran Via.

It features a rooftop with a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings. The hotel also offers a buffet breakfast every morning.

The rooms are fully equipped, very well decorated and spacious! One night in the middle of August costs around 94€ (105 US$) for a double room with breakfast included.

The Pavilions Madrid Hotel

This hotel has fully equipped rooms with your own bathroom, air conditioning, flat-screen TV and minibar.

There is also a bar and a very good breakfast. Room service is available and the hotel also has a parking lot, which is very convenient!

It is also located close to the shops and especially the luxury boutiques on Serrano Street. A night in a double room with king size bed and breakfast will cost approximately 100€ (112 US$)

Luxury Hotels

Gran View Apartments Explore Madrid and feel at home. Whether you come for leisure or if you are looking for a unique space for your business trip, Gran View Apartments tourist apartments have everything you need for an unforgettable stay. Discover all the options and facilities such as swimming pool and terrace with 360º views and start enjoying.

piso lujo
piso gran via

To disconnect. To recover energy and continue the journey. To savor the best of the city in an exclusive enclave. Whatever your stay, the Gran View Apartments in the center of Madrid’s Gran Via have all the amenities you are looking for to enjoy the city without worries.

Prepare your favorite dishes in our fully equipped kitchens, take a break in the living-dining room or cool off in the swimming pool while contemplating one of the most iconic views of the city. Book your vacation rental in Madrid for days, weeks or months and create unforgettable experiences.

-> To book

piso turistico
piso madrid
piso terassa

© Pictures gran view apartments

Hotel VP Plaza Espana

Hotel VP Plaza Espana is a 5-star hotel with many facilities such as an on-site restaurant called Botania offering Mediterranean cuisine, as well as a rooftop bar and a buffet breakfast served every morning.

It is one of those luxury hotels where we all dream of sleeping during a stay in Madrid.

There is also a wellness centre and swimming pool, and a car park with a Tesla terminal. The rooms are fully equipped, spacious and luxurious.

RIU Plaza Espana

Riu Hotel Plaza de Espana Madrid Discovery

where to stay in Madrid for a weekend / stay in Madrid

This 4-star hotel is located on Madrid’s famous Gran Via avenue, which is home to all kinds of restaurants, shops and bars, giving you the perfect central location for a stay in Madrid.

The hotel has a rooftop with a 360° view and a bar to sip delicious cocktails under the sun, as well as a restaurant, room service, parking, gym and even a disco!

So you will have everything you need to make the most of your stay. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, flat-screen TV, are modern and you can also choose family rooms.

If you sleep at the RIU Hotel you will have free access to the hotel’s rooftop, enough to spend a pleasant stay in Madrid.

ME Madrid Reina Victoria

Situated in Plaza Santa Ana, this hotel offers modern and well-decorated rooms, but above all very comfortable! It is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city.

Its location gives you easy access to Madrid’s 3 largest museums: the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen, which are located nearby on Paseo del Arte, forming the Golden Triangle of Art.

Like many luxury hotels, it has fully equipped rooms and a rooftop with an incredible view of the city. If you want to spend a stay in Madrid with all the comforts not far from the museums, this is the place to go.

There is a bar as well as a gourmet restaurant, but also a wellness centre, a car park and pets are allowed!

Hotel Hyatt Centric Gran Via

As its name suggests, the Hyatt Centric Hotel is located on the Gran Via. It has many facilities such as a bar, a restaurant, a café and also a music studio, which is unique in the city!

The rooms are spacious, soundproofed and all have a desk, hairdryer, private bathroom and TV, as well as free internet access.

You can also opt for family rooms, with king size bed, suites and even suites with terrace for a unique experience during your stay in Madrid!

circulo roof top madrid

where to stay in Madrid for a weekend / stay in Madrid


This hotel is a 5-star hotel in Madrid located near the Royal Palace and has luxurious rooms equipped with flat-screen TVs, good WI-FI connection and services such as a spa, gym, room service and a rooftop with panoramic views of the city.

It also has 3 restaurants on site, a bar and a café. The plus of this hotel are its shuttle services to and from the airport but also the fact that pets are allowed!

Hotel Gran Melia Palacio los Duques is one of the best luxury hotels in Madrid and will make your stay in Madrid unique.

What are the must-see places during a stay in Madrid?

Madrid has many must-see places but here are the 4 places not to be missed during your stay in Madrid.

All focused on the culture and history of the country, they allow you to discover Spain and its riches.

The Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is an emblematic place in Madrid and has an incredible collection of works from the 14th to the 19th century.

It allows us to travel back in time but also to discover works by famous painters such as Velazquez or Goya.

One finds there in particular the paintings “Las Meninas” or “May 2nd“. It is a must during your stay in Madrid.

musée du prado

Prado Museum / stay in Madrid

The Reina Sofia Museum

The Reina Sofia Museum is a museum of contemporary and modern art which exhibits works illustrating both the First and Second World War through its permanent exhibitions, as well as much more current works through temporary exhibitions.

There are paintings by Picasso and in particular the huge painting “Guernica“. It is one of the best museums in Madrid and we recommend you to visit it during your stay in Madrid.

Musée Reina Sofia

Reina Sofia Museum / stay in Madrid

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is no longer the main residence of the royal family, which is why part of it has been reorganized into a museum to help us discover the castle and its sumptuous rooms.

There are many works of art, both paintings and sculptures.

But the palace also houses a huge collection of the royal armoury and instruments, in particular Stradivarius.

Its most beautiful rooms are the throne room and the chapel, and outside, there are two sumptuous formal gardens: the Campo del Moro and the Sabatini Garden.

During your stay in Madrid we advise you to visit it together with the Prado Museum. To spend a unique and authentic moment do not hesitate to book a visit with a private English speaking guide.

palais royal de Madrid

stay in Madrid – royal palace of Madrid

The park of the retiro for an afternoon of rest during your stay in Madrid

The Retiro Park is the green lung of the city, once intended to house the king and his court in the Palace del Buen Retiro, which was destroyed, it has now become a public park.

Here you can go for a walk, do sports, have a picnic, sail on the lake or continue to discover the history of the country through the monuments, museums and palaces it houses, such as the Crystal Palace.

If you visit Madrid between March and November it is the ideal place to rest after a visit to the Prado Museum.

parc du Retiro Madrid

stay in Madrid – Retiro Park

Markets to visit during your stay in Madrid

The two main markets of the city are the markets of San Miguel and San Anton. Both have local and fresh products, but the first one offers tapas dishes and ice creams made by renowned chefs listed in the Michelin guide.

The second one offers take-away dishes, where we introduce you to flavours from all over the world, and also a restaurant with a terrace on the top floor.

If you love gastronomy don’t hesitate to visit our blog, where we have posted articles about Madrid’s markets, restaurants and tapas bars in the capital.

For a unique stay in Madrid book your tapas tour with a private guide now.

stay in Madrid – private tapas tour in english

How can I attend a football match during your stay in Madrid?

Have you always dreamed of attending a Real Madrid match?

If so, I invite you to visit the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, which houses a museum specially dedicated to the team.

There you can visit the trophy room, the press room and even the changing rooms.

But the most impressive thing is the visit to the high stands. I urge you to find out about the schedule of matches and to focus on small games if you do not have a large budget because the price of tickets is quite high, especially if you want to be well placed!

Nevertheless, whether you come to Madrid especially for a match or for a cultural stay, whether you are an unconditional fan of the club or not, to experience a match day is something that I can only recommend that you pass by this mythical address at least once during your stay in Madrid.

4-day stay in Madrid

Where to eat in Madrid during your stay?

Madrid has many restaurants and tapas bars that you will have the opportunity to discover during your stay.

There’s something for every taste and price, here are a few good addresses for different budgets.

The first restaurant that I recommend you and that is really cheap is “100 Montaditos“. This restaurant chain offers, as its name suggests, a 100ène of variations of small sandwiches with different toppings to add. It’s a unique place to try during your stay in Madrid to accompany a cerveca.

There are traditional Montaditos reminiscent of tapas but also American recipes. There are more than a dozen “100 Montaditos” in Madrid, so there must be one near you!

In order to taste the best tapas, I take you to Casa Labra where you can taste traditional dishes in the restaurant based on Bacalao, Spanish wines of all kinds and succulent tapas.

This century-old tavern in the city is one of the most renowned in terms of typical Madrid cuisine.

The Sobrino de Botin restaurant is known to be the oldest restaurant in the world, and this record is in the Guinness Book of Records. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy a traditional and inimitable cuisine with the speciality of suckling pig. It is an address not to be missed and we recommend it to many visitors during their stay in Madrid.

A very popular and trendy place in the city is without a doubt the Salvador Bachiller restaurant. It is located in 3 different places in Madrid: the garden with its terrace, which offers a haven of peace, with its flowers and natural materials, and the café, which offers a very intimate interior atmosphere and also offers very good and original cocktails.

Finally, there is the greenhouse, a restaurant imagined to transport the client to the tropical jungle.

A place not to be missed is the Madrid Ham Museum, quite touristy this address will allow you to buy good quality cold cuts to bring back from your stay in Madrid. There are different addresses, but I highly recommend the Plaza Mayor with its terrace.

There you can taste all kinds of Spanish cold meats but also cheese. The shared trays they serve are perfect for an aperitif on the terrace with friends or family and a good glass of wine!

What are the best bars in the city to go to during a stay in Madrid?

The hat is a hotel with a rooftop with a beautiful view of Madrid and a bar on the top floor.

Here you can meet up with friends in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, far from the city, around a good beer. If you want to meet new people during your stay in Madrid, this is the rooftop to go to.

The Ojala restaurant located in the Malasana district is a great place to have a drink.

It’s a trendy place and decorated in a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of the beach and the sea. There are delicious wines and cocktails. The Malasana neighborhood is very well known for its hipster atmosphere and is often part of the to do list of a stay in Madrid. We advise you to visit its vintage shops and trendy bars.

The Café Comercial is an emblematic place in the city and is one of the oldest bars in Madrid.

Well known as a café, it also has a bar and terrace offering all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks, as well as delicious cocktails, beers, wines and vermouth.

What are the typical Spanish dishes and drinks to try during a stay in Madrid?

In terms of drinks, Spain is mainly known for its sangria, although it is very popular with foreign tourists for its fruity and sweet taste; in reality, at least in the capital, this drink is not very common among Spaniards. A good beer is preferred.

Tinto de verano is also very popular among Spaniards, it is a wine but sparkling and very refreshing. The people of Madrid are also very fond of gin and tonic.

In terms of dishes, paella is obviously first on the list, consisting of crispy rice and meat.

Depending on the variant, it can be made with rabbit, chicken or seafood.

Discover now our guide to the best paella in Madrid and don’t fall into the trap of the restaurants that attract tourists during your stay in Madrid.

Next is the Gaspacho, a popular cold soup from Andalusia made with tomatoes, peppers, onions and cucumbers.

Then come the tortillas de patatas, a potato omelette, very easy to make and very popular in the country. If you want to taste one of the best tortilla in Madrid then we advise you to take a look at one of our latest articles, it will help you choose the best restaurant to enjoy a real tortilla during your stay in Madrid.

Finally, there are the tapas. There are different kinds of tapas, which are small dishes served with a drink such as croquetas or garlic shrimp.

The croquetas in this case are traditionally made with ham or chicken that is mixed with béchamel sauce.

They are formed into small balls that are covered with breadcrumbs and fried.

Partying during your stay, Madrid nighlife

Teatro Kapital

Teatro Kapital is one of the best clubs in Madrid. There are people of all nationalities who come here to have fun and a good time.

There are different atmospheres on each of its floors, the club has 7 of them.

For example, on the 2nd floor there are karaoke rooms, on the 4th floor there is a bar and on the 5th floor there is a dance floor where you can dance the night away to Latin rhythms.

Teatro barcelo

Another very good nightclub is Teatro Barcelo. Initially designed to be a cinema and theatre, this place very quickly became an emblematic place in the city to go out at night.

Many celebrities used to come here to dance like the Rolling Stones or Prince.

Formerly a very private club and popular with celebrities, it has now opened up to a new, more accessible and younger clientele.

The 3-storey establishment offers a variety of music from the greatest DJs such as Martin Solveig or Lost Frequencies.

Discothèque Gotham

This club is very popular with students since it is located not far from the university city of Moncloa.

The evenings there are crazy and unforgettable, with young people of all nationalities coming to have fun and meet people.

The club offers a rather house and reggeaton music and closes at 6am, which leaves you the whole night to enjoy, if you close it, you will surely see the first rays of sunshine when you go out.

Where can one attend a flamenco show?

There are various tablao in Madrid to attend typical flamenco shows.

The best known and one of the oldest is the tablao Cardamomo. It’s one of the best flamenco tabaloes in Madrid.

We advise you to visit it during your stay in Madrid, the quality of the show is there.

Every evening from 6pm, there is a show that lasts about 2 hours of flamenco and where dancers, musicians and singers get together and improvise, letting their desires and emotions speak for themselves.

This place also has a bar and restaurant, which allows you to enjoy a good meal while contemplating the show.

Tablao flamenco madrid discovery

4-day stay in Madrid – flamenco in Madrid

What are the events and religious festivals not to be missed during a stay in Madrid?

One of the most popular and unique festivals in Madrid is the festival of San Isidro, patron saint of the city. It’s a holiday in the capital, which is celebrated around May 15.

The people of Madrid dress up for the occasion in traditional dress and parade through the streets of the city.

La Paloma festival is also unique in Madrid as she is the patron saint of the neighborhood called La Latina. It is celebrated around the 15th of August and a procession is held for the occasion.

Visit Madrid at Christmas

When Christmas comes, Madrid lights up in all its colours and brings out its most beautiful decorations.

There are also a number of illuminated cribs in the city and in the Plaza Mayor. Huge illuminated Christmas trees also decorate different squares in the city.

The Plaza Mayor is also the venue for the Christmas market, with numerous food stalls, craft decorations with light decorations for your garden, snowballs or decorations for your own tree.

Christmas is also the time when ice rinks invade the city, where you can admire exhibitions of nativity scenes in the Town Hall or board the Naviluz bus to take a tour of Madrid and its most beautiful decorations.

But one of the most emblematic events is the lottery or Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad.

You have to buy a lottery ticket and the draw is held at the Teatro Real in the city.

The best places to shop in the city

One of the most popular places to shop in Madrid is of course on the Gran Via, where you will find a wide range of shops of all kinds with ready-to-wear boutiques such as Zara or H&M.

Right next to the Gran Via is the narrower Calle Fuencarral, which is also full of trendy or vintage shops, there is something for every style.

The Malasana district also offers a wide choice of boutiques but with a more vintage style and small independent shops.

The Salamanca district has many luxury shops, more precisely in Calle Serrano with the boutiques of great designers such as Christian Dior or Louis Vuitton.

What to bring back during your stay in Madrid

Your stay is coming to an end and you would like to bring a little piece of Spain with you?

Or you would simply like to bring back a few souvenirs to share this experience with your family and friends?

I can recommend some gifts and souvenirs that are sure to please.

A beautiful postcard of the city always pleases, it is not at all old-fashioned and very authentic.

The museum shops offer wonderful souvenirs, if a friend of yours is an art lover why not offer him a figurine, a photo or a keychain referring to famous paintings such as Las Meninas de Velázquez?

If you are a food lover, why not take a good bottle of Spanish wine or even a Spanish ham with you?

And finally, if you’re a football lover, why not treat yourself to a t-shirt, a ball or a scarf in the club’s official shop! You can also find some articles about Atletico Madrid.

Take advantage of your stay in Madrid to visit Toledo and Segovia

The surroundings of Madrid are also very rich and perfect for a day trip.

The city of Toledo can be reached by train from Atocha Central Station.

The one-way ticket starts at 8€ (9 US$)and the journey takes about 1.5 hours. The city’s Alcázar and its museums are its main attractions. The Alcázars are fortresses with sometimes fortified walls, where the king or prince once resided.

Then comes Segovia, always accessible by train, from 6€ (6,74 US$) and for a journey time of 45 min. There is a magnificent Roman aqueduct, as well as the Alcázar and the museum of Antonio Machado, the famous 19th century poet.

Aranjuez is a charming little town located 35 minutes from Madrid, the outward journey costs around 5€ (5,61 US$) and its most beautiful monuments are the Royal Palace and the Casa del Labrador, another of the town’s palaces built in a neoclassical style.

El Escorial is located 40 minutes from Madrid and is a large city wall which includes a library, a church, a palace and also a necropolis with the pantheon of the kings of Spain.

Finally, Avila is the farthest destination from the capital since it is located 1 hour and 40 minutes by train. It is an ancient medieval city where you can still admire the ramparts that surround it.

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