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Visit Segovia

Find the complete guide to visit Segovia during your stay in Spain ? The complete guide here by Madrid Discovery

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Visit the Real Madrid

Explore the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in a unique Real Madrid tour. The complete guide for a unique visit of the stadium.

Visit the historical center of Madrid

Discover now a guide to the historic centre of Madrid. Don’t waste any more time and visit Madrid in a unique and authentic way.

Madrid aeras

Find the area of Madrid that suits you! Whether you want to live there or visit it, we will help you choose the area that suits you.

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Do you want to visit our capital from above and enjoy a unique moment? Consult our guide to find the high terrace made for you. You’re spoilt for choice:

Chueca LGBT

Chueca Madrid LGBT movement “Whoever you love, Madrid loves you”, was the city’s official slogan when it hosted 2017 World Pride. That summer, Madrid welcomed thousands of LBGT visitors from

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Wine tour

Madrid wine tour A traditional Spanish meal isn’t complete without a glass of wine. The plains, rivers, and valleys that sculpt the geography of the community of Madrid and surrounding

Visit Madrid

Visit Madrid in 1, 2, 3 or 4 days, the 2020 guide to the Top 20 must-do’s and must-sees during your stay.

Visit Malasaña

The district of Malasana is one of the most frequented places in Madrid, a place to live, shop or go out, it brings people together and allows them to have a good time

Your stay in Madrid

Don’t miss our guide to prepare your stay in Madrid and experience a unique vacation in the Spanish capital. Find the best of Madrid now.

Markets guide

Make the most of your holiday in Madrid and discover the best markets in the city. Discover in this guide unique and authentic addresses that will make your stay unforgettable.

The Latina aera

When the sunny days come, the people of Madrid have the habit of going out to make the most of them.

Real Madrid match

Real Madrid match The people of Madrid live for their favourite sports teams. Fútbol, or soccer, is the most popular sport in Europe and in Madrid. Basketball, tennis, motorsports, horse

The best things to do

The best luxury experiences Madrid is a cosmopolitan capital city that offers unique luxury experiences to those who seek them out. Quality of life is key to those who live

The retiro

When the sunny days come, the people of Madrid have the habit of going out to make the most of them.

Tortilla de patata

Discover the authentic Spanish tortilla recipe. Don’t miss any more tortilla with this recipe and enjoy Spanish gastronomy at home.

Swimming pool

A guide to Madrid’s swimming pools to help you have the perfect summer. Enjoy a weekend to relax by the pool of your dreams!

Your stay in Madrid

Spain’s capital city is known for its incredible history, beautiful architecture, top-notch tapas bars, and vibrant nightlife scene. A trip to Madrid is sure to be an unforgettable adventure.

Nightlife in Madrid

Visiter Madrid et profitez des rayons de soleils pour découvrir la ville.

Visit Madrd with Madrid Discovery

Visit Madrid with Madrid Discovery Travelling to a foreign country looks easy on Instagram but can easily become overwhelming in real life. A quick online search will give you thousands

The best things to see

The best things to see in Madrid Spain´s cosmopolitan capital city can easily overwhelm a first time guest with the sheer amount of beautiful places to visit and amazing things

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