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Madrid rooftops – 360 rooftop RIU Hotel

In order to help you choose which Madrid rooftops will suit you best to spend a pleasant moment, we have compiled a complete guide to Madrid’s terraces. You will have the choice between :

  • rooftop with bar
  • hotel with rooftop
  • rooftop with pool
  • rooftop with 360° view
  • rooftop with restaurant

Table of Contents

Exclusive rooftops in Madrid

The Cibeles Terrace, the most select rooftop in Madrid

On the 6th floor of Madrid’s Palacio de Cibeles you’ll find the bar and restaurant perched on the rooftops of the town hall, where you can enjoy tapas plates or hamburgers.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine with a breathtaking view of the city, a perfect spot for Instagram!

Discover our article on the best Instagram spots in the city. See you on our blog!

This rooftop in Madrid offers one of the best views of the Cibeles fountain, for the curious and photo enthusiasts we advise you to climb to the top of the tower of the palacio de Cibeles to take a panoramic picture of the city.

-> access for a fee (3€ and 1,5€ for those under 14 and over 65 years old)

The rooftop of the Palacio de Cibeles is open from 1pm to 2am or until 2.30am on Friday and Saturday.

How do I get to the Palacio de Cibeles in Madrid?

Located near the Retiro Park you can get there on foot, by bus or by metro (line 2, exit Banco de Espana).

The Palacio de Cibeles is beautiful from the inside and its terrace is worth a visit. It is one of our favourite Madrid rooftops.

rooftop madrid cibeles

Rooftops de Madrid – High terrace – palacio de cibeles de Madrid

Picos pardos sky lounge – BLESS Hotel rooftop.

This 5-star hotel in the centre of Madrid has an amazing roof where you can enjoy quality cocktails and tapas with a 360° panoramic view of the capital.

It is one of Madrid’s rooftops with a magnificent swimming pool, ideal for making the most of the sunny days during your stay in Madrid.

You will find this establishment in the very luxurious Salamanca district not far from the mercado de la paz.

We recommend this Madrid city centre hotel if you wish to enjoy the Salamanca district during your stay in Madrid.

Located on the 8th floor of the 5-star BLESS Madrid hotel, this place has everything you need to have a great time. You can order cocktails from the bar, eat in the gourmet restaurant on the terrace, run by the famous chef Martin Berasategui, all in a tropical and comfortable atmosphere, sitting on Balinese beds.

It is the most complete terrace with all the rooftops in Madrid but also the most select.

To top it all off, you will have access to a rooftop swimming pool, open from 11:00 to 20:00, free for hotel guests and paying for non-clients.

This Madrid rooftop is ideal for enjoying cocktails while having your feet in the water.

Ginkgo – VP Hotel Plaza Espana, the trendiest rooftops in Madrid.

rooftop madrid 360°

360 rooftop Madrid – rooftops Madrid hotel

Recently built VP Hotel Plaza offers one of the most beautiful rooftops in Madrid with a direct view of the Royal Palace of Madrid.

If you are looking for a hotel not far from the Calle Gran Via in Madrid this hotel will be perfect during your stay.

At the top of the hotel in the Ginkgo bar you can enjoy Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, as well as delicious drinks in the bar, surrounded by an amazing 360° panoramic view of Madrid.

Enjoy this view for a Ginkgo brunch with friends or family.

Located on the 12th floor of the VP Plaza Espana Hotel, the restaurant offers Mediterranean and Asian cuisine for lunch or dinner.

You will also find a bar where you can enjoy your favourite drink, from cocktails to beers, with a stunning, panoramic view of the city.

Good to know: to have access to the restaurant, you must reserve a table in advance.

In addition, the bar is accessible to people who are not hotel guests and it will cost you 5€ to get there.

Don’t hesitate to have a look on their website to have more information on their menu, it is possible to eat a ginkgo brunch if you have a reservation.

On sunny days, only hotel guests will be able to enjoy the swimming pool, so be sure to book your stay for an unforgettable luxury experience.

This is the only terrace in all of Madrid’s rooftops with a direct, plunging view of the Royal Palace, a unique view awaits you at the top of this magnificent hotel.

The Urban hôtel’s rooftop

This luxurious rooftop is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a wonderful view of the city and its surroundings while drinking some amazing cocktails.

Located on the 7th floor of the famous 5-star Urban Hotel, this peaceful haven is the place to be to relax and sunbathe on your holiday in Madrid.

The bar offers classic cocktails as well as more tropical cocktails, champagne and a wide range of gin and tonics!

If you’re hungry, no problem, you can choose between tapas or even mini hamburgers.

As a guest, you also have privileged access to the hotel’s swimming pool, perfect for cooling off on sunny days.

Open from 12 noon to 12 noon during the week and until 4 am on weekends, perfect for partying!

This terrace is one of Madrid’s rooftops located near Paseo del Prado where you will find the Prado Museum.

Rooftop at the Hotel Principal Madrid

This luxury hotel located in the heart of Madrid offers a very intimate terrace.

You will find this rooftop on the top floor of the magnificent 5-star Principal Hotel Madrid.

Perfect to spend a relaxing moment! Situated right next to Calle Gran Via, its central location makes it very easy to get to.

With a 360° view of the city and a Mediterranean atmosphere with olive trees, La Terraza looks like a sunny garden.

To refresh yourself, you can order one of their cocktails and if you are a bit hungry, there is a gourmet restaurant called Aticoc on the floor just below.

Guests who are not at the hotel will need to make a reservation to make sure they have a table.

Opening hours: every day from 4pm to 1.30am.

The Hotel Principal is located near the Gran Via and offers one of the most exclusive rooftops in Madrid.

rooftops de madrid gin tonic

cocktail gin tonic – rooftops Madrid hotel

Rooftop SkyNight bar

The SkyNight Bar is another great place to spend an evening, the bar serves good cocktails and where a DJ is there to get you dancing.

You will also enjoy a great view of the city from one of the most beautiful rooftops in Madrid.

You will find this rooftop on the 13th floor of the 5-star Puerta America Hotel. With stunning views of the city, it’s a nice, modern place where you can take good Instagram photos.

Open quite late, this place is more like an open-air nightclub where you can dance and enjoy the warm Spanish nights from 10:30pm to 2:30am Wednesday to Thursday and 11pm to 3am on Fridays and Saturdays for the partygoers.

360° Rooftop bar – Hotel Riu Plaza Espana

Situated at the top of the famous RIU Plaza Espana Hotel in Calle Gran Via, this location offers one of the best views in the city.

On the rooftop there is a bar where you can order amazing and varied cocktails.

Good to know: Entrance is free for hotel guests and visitors will have to pay to enter.

The 360° Rooftop Bar is located on the 27th floor of the 4-star hotel Riu Plaza Espana. Here you can order cocktails, wine, beer, coffee or even snacks and enjoy your drink while taking in the stunning panoramic view of the city and sitting on comfortable sofas.

For the brave, you can walk over the city through a glass walkway and take your best Instagram photos.

Entrance to the bar is free for hotel guests, but there is a charge for visitors: €5 from 10am to 6pm and €10 from 6pm to 1am.

Hotel guests will also have free access to the rooftop swimming pool.

The Riu Hotel offers the most beautiful view of all the rooftops in Madrid.

Riu hotel rooftop madrid – rooftops Madrid hotel

Hotel Emperador

The rooftop Hotel Emperador, located in Calle Gran Via, with its bar and swimming pool, has everything you need for a unique and privileged experience.

With its cocktails, stunning views of the Royal Palace and central location, it is the ideal place for your stay in the city.

Recently renovated, on the 10th floor of the 4-star hotel, you will find the Sky Bar, with its homemade cocktails. Right next door, the lounge area, perfect for a good time with your friends.

The bar is open all year round, but is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

There is also a beachclub and a swimming pool, which is free for hotel guests, visitors will have to pay an entrance fee.

Good to know: The beachclub is only open from May to September. This place allows you to relax in a quiet atmosphere in the middle of the dynamic city.


hotel madrid piscine – rooftops Madrid hotel

Hotel with swimming pool rooftop

Dear hôtel Madrid

This hotel on Calle Gran Via in Madrid has a stunning roof that offers a 360° rooftop view of the city.

Here you will find a bar, restaurant and swimming pool, all in one place to make sure you have a great time.

On the 14th floor of the dear hotel Madrid you will find a pleasant restaurant and bar offering a wide range of cocktails and dishes for lunch and dinner.

You will also enjoy stunning views of the city, including the Plaza de Espana.

Open almost all day and every day of the week, a DJ is on hand at weekends to keep you dancing until late at night!

The dear hotel Madrid has a rooftop swimming pool but it is reserved for guests only, open from June to September, from 12:00 to 20:00, perfect for sunbathing.

This place is perfect for a luxury experience, whether you are a couple for a romantic dinner, a quiet and relaxing moment alone or to have a big party with your friends.

Dear hotel Madrid website.

Gymage Lounge Resort

Quite unexpectedly, this building offers you a wide range of activities.

You will find a fitness club, a theatre, a restaurant and of course an amazing rooftop offering drinks and snacks.

There is also a swimming pool on this terrace.

On the 5th floor of the building, the roof of the Gymage Lounge Resort has everything you need to have a great time!

Come to the bar to order your favourite drink from among the cocktails, shakers or even smoothies!

Why not add tapas or other snacks?

And on a sunny day, take a dip in the pool for a perfect relaxing afternoon!

Good to know: to have access to the rooftop pool, you will have to pay (rates to be consulted on the club’s website).

Open from 12h to 1h30 and until 2h30 on Fridays and Saturdays to allow you to enjoy your evening to the fullest!


hotel madrid piscine – rooftops Madrid hotel

Sky Moncloa – Hotel Exe rooftop

In addition to this 4-star hotel, you will find a beautiful bar on the hotel terrace offering cocktails and wine as well as a swimming pool.

Perfect for sunny days to relax and have a good time.

With its magnificent view of the city, this rooftop is the place to go if you want to see a beautiful sunset for a romantic night.

Guests at this city centre Madrid hotel can enjoy the swimming pool all day long and a bar offering drinks and snacks.

Opening hours: from 20:00 to 12:30, this is the perfect place to come and have fun with friends or for after-work parties!

exe hotel madrid

hotel madrid swimming pool – rooftops of Madrid

The rooftops of Madrid with a 360° view

Radio at the ME Hotel Madrid

This roof is the ideal place to enjoy a late afternoon with friends while listening to good music and enjoying cocktails or tapas.

On the 7th floor of the 4-star hotel ME Madrid Reina Victoria you will find this amazing place, perfect for a good night’s sleep!

The roof offers a 360° panoramic view, as well as a bar with a wide range of cocktails and traditional tapas.

This is one of the best rooftops in Madrid and entry can be difficult.

To top it all off, late at night the party continues with a DJ.

Usually open until 2 or 3 in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays, it allows you to enjoy your night in the capital while listening to music!

This place has everything to seduce you, a luxurious atmosphere, a trendy bar, a breathtaking view of the city and good music, it is a famous place and loved by many celebrities.

rooftops Madrid santa ana

hotel madrid swimming pool – rooftops of Madrid

Atico 11 – Hotel de las Letras

On the 7th floor of the 4-star hotel Las Letras you will find this incredible rooftop garden atmosphere. Set on Calle Gran Via, it enjoys a central location and a stunning view of the entire capital.

Surrounded by trees and entirely made of wood, this rooftop looks like a sunny garden, transporting you to the nature in the middle of the city.

The bar offers delicious mojitos and gin tonics but also tapas if you are a bit hungry.

In this warm atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to have a good time and relax by sunbathing or reading your favourite book.

Guests at the hotel will also benefit from a swimming pool, perfect after a long day exploring the city. Open from 11:00 to 21:00.

In the summer, the roof is open every day of the week from 6pm to 2am.

Rooftop terrace of the Jardines de Sabatini

From this terrace you will have a breathtaking view of the Royal Palace and the Egyptian temple of Debod, which is perfect if you want to take good pictures!

This place with its cosy garden atmosphere will allow you to relax with refreshing cocktails and snacks such as tapas.

Located at the top of the Apartosuites Jardines de Sabatini (3 stars) and next to the magnificent Royal Palace, this terrace allows you to have a beautiful view of it and the whole city.

The bar offers a wide range of cocktails and tapas at very reasonable prices, to be enjoyed while relaxing on large sofas on a grassy floor.

This place opens at 8pm, so if you want to make sure you have access to it, it is strongly recommended to book in advance.

Of course, hotel guests can have access to the summit throughout the day.

Visit Madrid from the sky on a unique and authentic private tour of Madrid’s rooftops.


roof top sabatini

Jardines de Sabatini, hotel Madrid – rooftops de Madrid

Circulo de Bella Arte

Located in the heart of Madrid’s city centre near Calle Gran Via, this rooftop is perfect for lunch or dinner while enjoying the stunning views.

There is also a bar with all kinds of drinks.

Prepare to be impressed by this fantastic rooftop with a panoramic view of the unique city.

The Azotea del circulo de bella arte is one of the best in town.

With a restaurant offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and also brunch on weekends and a bar where you can order a wide range of drinks from wine, beer and sangria to champagne and cocktails.

The opening hours are very wide: from 9am to 2am during the week and from 11am to 2am at weekends, except on Fridays and Saturdays when it closes at 2.30am to allow you to enjoy your crazy nights a little longer.

Good to know: you can only get to the roof by using the lift, which costs 4 euros.

circulo roof top madrid

Rooftop of the circle of beautiful art – rooftops of Madrid

Madrid rooftops with Restaurant

Rooftop del Corte Inglés gourmet

Situated on the roof of the famous El Corte Ingles de Callao on Calle Gran Via, this terrace is perfect for a lunch break during your shopping trip, but if you prefer, you can always enjoy a drink at the bar right afterwards.

Located on the 9th floor of the shopping centre, this place offers a wide choice of restaurants (Italian, Mexican…).

You will find bakeries, traditional Spanish food, Mexican food and even iced coffee.

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can order your drink and go sit on the terrace to enjoy the sun.

With its breathtaking view of the city, this terrace might just surprise you! With its wide opening hours from 10am to midnight you can come whenever you want.

You will find a Corte Ingles with a terrace in every neighbourhood, but the one in Callo is one of the rooftops of Madrid with one of the most beautiful views.

The Hat Madrid – A cheap terrace bar

The hat Madrid is a hotel in Madrid that hides a magnificent terrace high up with a breathtaking view of Madrid. It is one of Madrid’s rooftops where the atmosphere is relaxed.

You will find this hotel behind the Plaza Mayor on Calle Imperia not far from the Tirso de Molino metro station.

It is one of the cheap bars with terrace in Madrid. Take advantage of its high terrace to meet people and spend a pleasant evening during your stay in Madrid.

Madrid Rooftops in the Chueca district

Madrid’s gay district also has a large number of restaurants with terrace bars and cheap bars with terraces. Here are two of Madrid’s trendiest rooftops in the Chueca district.

lgbt Madrid chueca

Mercado San Anton Rooftop

It is at the top of the famous San Anton market that you will find this unexpected terrace.

You will be able to enjoy the sun while drinking your favourite cocktail or eating good food made with fresh and quality products.

Ideal place to relax, this terrace will make you feel at home with its comfortable chairs and sofas, you will feel at home!

You will have the choice between several drinks at the bar, such as cocktails or wines.

Its restaurant offers you different types of dishes such as the famous and traditional Spanish tapas at very interesting prices.

Good to know: access to the roof is free!

Open every day from 10am to 12.30pm.

Oscar’s La Terraza

Offering a 360° view of the city, this terrace allows you to enjoy the sun while drinking your favourite cocktail after a dip in the pool.

At the top of the 3-star Hotel Room Mate Oscar and close to Calle Gran Via, you will find this terrace with its stunning views of the city.

In a very warm and relaxing atmosphere, you can choose to drink your favourite cocktails, enjoy your favourite snack or take a dip in the swimming pool.

Opening hours: from 5:30 pm to 1 am and it closes at 2 am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

As our guide to the best rooftops in Madrid is coming to an end, we have tried to make you a selection of the most enjoyable rooftops in Madrid to help you relax during your stay in Madrid.

There are many other rooftops in Madrid and we are already thinking of making a No. 2 guide to Madrid rooftops.

If you come across this article while preparing your stay in Madrid and you are wondering the following questions: What to visit in Madrid? What to visit in Madrid in 2 days? What are the best museums in Madrid? Where to eat in Madrid? Then take a look at our blog to find out what you’re looking for.

If you don’t have the answer then don’t hesitate to write to us, here is our email:

It will be a pleasure for the Madrid Discovery team to answer you!

Live the Riu Hotel rooftop experience!

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Marie L.
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Pour notre premier séjour sur Madrid nous avons réservé une visite du palais royal pour profiter un maximum de notre séjour. Notre guide Carmen était très gentille et attentive à nos questions. Ce palais est magnifique et le visiter avec un guide privée est une expérience que je recommande vivement!
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