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A traditional Spanish meal isn’t complete without a glass of wine. The plains, rivers, and valleys that sculpt the geography of the community of Madrid and surrounding provinces make it a perfect place to cultivate a variety of wine grapes. From full-bodied red wines to complex whites to bubbly cava, there is a type of wine in Madrid for every taste and occasion. Whether you already know your way around the wine aisle or just know that you enjoy drinking it, there is a wine tour for everyone.

Spend the day with a few glasses of wine at its source on an all-inclusive Madrid wine tour.

Castilla-La Mancha Day Long Tour 

Sample the diverse wines of the region during a full-day tour with a route that will take you to Don Quixote´s famous windmills in Spain´s sprawling Castilla-La Mancha region. This is a great opportunity to see the Spanish countryside and UNESCO heritage sites while learning about Spanish wine. Wine has been made here since the 12th century and La Mancha is now the largest wine region in the world. The tradition and history make this dynamic tour stand out.

Avoid spending this trip in one of those large, crowded buses and choose a smaller group sized tour for a personalized experience.

Tagus River Valley Tour

The Tagus River flows through Madrid’s mountain ranges, resulting in a lush, fertile valley. Olives, garlic, and melons grow in neighboring fields in this unique part of the world. A 600-year history of wine-making along the Tagus River means they have perfected the art. Enjoy Iberian tapas of cheese and other delicious snacks that pair perfectly with your glass.

If you arrive during the early fall or late summer, you will see the grapes at their full glory on the vines right before their harvest. Taste for yourself on a tour through Madrid’s beautiful valley wineries.

Aranjuez Palace and Surrounding Wineries

Just a short drive from Madrid is the quiet town of Aranjuez. The beautiful 16th-century Royal Palace of Aranjuez, originally a summer home for the King and Queen, is located in a peaceful meadow along the Targus River. This area is perfect for vineyards so the town is known for its wineries.

Spend the morning walking through the well-groomed palace gardens before heading out to the vineyards. The grounds are home to impressive fountains, statues, strutting peacocks, fragrant flowers, and even a small royal boat museum.

The cool interior of the palace displays the royal families varied tastes. The typical European royal style of plush red velvet sofas with crystal chandeliers can be found.  For a pleasant surprise though, some rooms dedicated entirely to other parts of the world. One room is filled with Arabic art and motifs while others are full of colourful presents gifted by Chinese emperors. Experience a unique part of history through a walk through the palace.

Ribera del Duero

A black grape variety called Tempranillo, native to Spain thrives in an area of Spain called Ribera del Duero. Located in the community of Castilla y León, this grape is the secret ingredient to the internationally famous Spanish wine varieties of Rioja and Ribera del Duero.

Enjoy beautiful views of the hills and lush countryside while traveling to the wineries. Have a tasty lunch at a local restaurant with a perfect wine pairing. Although a bit farther from the city of Madrid, an all-inclusive tour of Ribera del Duero is worth a day-trip for any wine enthusiast.


The historical city of Segovia is known for its first-century stone Roman aqueduct, its massive gothic cathedral, and a story-book palace. These sights are famous for good reason and should not be skipped.

However, Segovia is also located alongside the Duero River and contains many oak-barrel lined cellars full of tasty regional wine. The prestigious wines of the area can be enjoyed in a wine tour that leaves time for all of Segovia’s other beautiful features.

Tastings in the Capital 

There’s no need to leave the city if you´re not in the mood for a car ride or don’t have at least half the day to dedicate to a full countryside tour. Great wine bars and bodegas with cozy tasting rooms are in no short supply in the city of Madrid. Call up in advance and set up a private tasting. An expert will give you tastes of different varieties while detailing the distinct notes and history of every wine.

Enjoy a tapa to perfectly match the wine varieties. Or if you are hungry, head to a gourmet restaurant and ask their sommelier for the perfect local Spanish wine pairing for your dinner.

You will never need to look for an exceptional glass of wine in Madrid.

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